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Our Initiatives

Individual therapy or counseling includes meeting with a therapist face-to-face in order to reduce suffering from behavior, feelings, beliefs, relationships or past experiences. In addition, ongoing psychotherapy can help with personal growth and self-actualization.

We offer individual therapy for adults and children, up to twice per week, depending on each person's individual needs.

Our Mission

Riverscape Untethered IS

A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization dedicated to providing mental health services with Licensed Professionals for individuals. Absolutely FREE. We believe mental health is a human right  . The barriers to mental health from borders to barriers placed on the healthcare industry on a whole have become too great. Riverscape Untethered was created to break down those barriers so "All " would have access to much needed mental health care. 

Want to Know More

Click below to learn about our hours of operation, telehelth and other patient related info 

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Connecting  therapists to individuals who lack adequate funds or health insurance. Absolutely free.   We acknowledge that some cultural values such as traditional definitions of gender roles and power may undermine a person's ability to be fully loving in relationships. We seek to address and change these values on individual, familial and societal levels.

By supporting Riverscape Untethered you are supporting people in need of mental health.

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“I don't know Where I'd be without Riverscape”
- Amber
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